Metal minds like javelins tossed into the sky
Will always land in pools of doubt
And send icy cracks under your feet.

Make it up and do it
For all, as good as any philosophy
It is what we do.
Fear and jealousy abound, soft friendly eyes blink innocently
Anger rages, uncontrolled

I’ll go with you , glad to have you
Glad to love you, you explain to me without a word

I’ll lie with you, and hope the truth finds us
And that double meanings become one.
As true as this morning’s sun
As empty as this evening’s night
As cold as the last rock in the universe

Swirling thoughts like jumbled jigsaws
Pump without a handle
Night without a candle
Can we stop ourselves from crying?
Can we stop our tears from drying uselessly before they hit the ground?
Sprouting sad love
Growing vines like fine wines,
Of which we drink until we cannot think

I am a true believer.
I believe in everything
I believe in nothing.

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