FRI 10/26/201

FRI 10/26/2012 31 Days since my last blog!  hmmm The wedding in Maryland was wonderful!  Congratulations to Jason and Danielle Anderson, and it was great meeting everyone, especially Cathy from Second Life!  Seems like they liked me so i am happy.  The whole weekend went off without a hitch.  The weather was perfect, although at rehearsal it was windy and cold .. so i was worried.    I played at the ceremony and the reception, had to break down and re-set up over at a nearby pavilion – yes it was outdoors.   Gigs Inworld are doing well, especially my endeavors with “UNRESOLVED” my online band featuring me, Edward Lowell – master of flute and Mando, and Dan Dan the Dorito Man on bass.  The shows at Amy’s place are becoming more and more fun.  I started a new place “Unforgettable” which features at least 2 songs of an artist who has passed on at each show.


the wedding at Susquehannah State Park

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