6/21/2012 What I can’t imagine is

6/21/2012 What I can’t imagine is how horrible it must be to be involved as a victim of a suicide bombing.  That this event was planned and organized by people who feel that they are doing the right thing is inconceivable and shameful to me.  How that can be considered a reasonable act shames me as a human.  I want to devolve if that’s the direction we are headed.  I want to become a lesser creature, because this is not acceptable.  We need to wonder how and why we can protect ourselves from feeling that shame. We need to re-examine the part of us that won’t accept responsibility for being creatures who can continue with our lives as if nothing happened after daily events like those explosions.  If you were anywhere near that event as it occurred, it would overshadow any other event in your life ..guaranteed.Ok, there I got it off my chest .. for now.  My SL gigs have been going well.  The Woodstock Gig was fun!  SL is so cool, you can become a hippie again, without any of the health and legal problems .. hehe.  The 60/70’s Theme is fun.    Also after InwoldZ, Marina Bay, Tranquil Cafe and Stargazer’s , I really felt like I had sung my heart out :-). And Meetu was busy with work, so I had none of her wonderful  help with the first 2 shows.   I want to personally thank Hepsulph for being one of my most helpful interactive listeners.  When he is in the audience, I feel him listening intently, and appreciating and being honest when something is just ok Thanks Hep! Oh and since i am thanking listeners, thanks to EVERYONE who comes to listen and especially Starla Farella  for being there, listening, dancing, and participating.  I can’t and don’t want to imagine what it would be like without you! Thanks!

6/20/12 “They Can’t Imagine” is the song name.

6/20/12 “They Can’t Imagine” is the song name.  It refers to John Lennon, reflecting my frustration that someone was thinking in the right direction, and was senselessly murdered. What a lousy way to die.  And for us, who need this dialog to be happening, it is sad.  Well, I wrote something that led up to the song.   That song came about as lyrics at the end of an essay and that essay is about my thoughts on D-Day, and wondering how my Dad felt driving an amphibious vehicle for the Army at Normandy.  If he died that day, not only would I not be here, but what a waste! Not of the cause, the cause was noble.  But that is the problem.  We stop there.  Done.  We save the world and move on.  But the big problem is that the world needed saving, and that the saving required millions of people dying for the cause.  We haven’t dealt with the ISSUE.  We think the answer is that one country should be strong enough to protect the world from evil.  Part of the problem is our evolved sense of justice.  A country screws up, another country kicks their butt, yeah!   This is US! Our species!   We should share the shame for behaving this way.  Just like 2 little kids duking it out for the right to play with a toy.  The winner gets the toy, end of story.  The winner may get a distorted sense of justice and think that this is how things get done.  Well here is the essay in its unpolished, ungrammatical, unformatted, rambling entirety.D-Day – or no, we can’t imagine, John

Wet with fear dripping pushing still alive for now Some of you  wonder how we got here, others are sure.

Even those of us who wonder do not wonder hard enough. For if we wondered with the intensity that the universes deserve,

We could think of nothing else, we might be paralyzed with awe. The amazing sequence of events leading to this day

Each life is a universe of  everything and everyone A  most astounding , incomprehensible, unbelievable,

dot to dot, atom to atom Journey from the beginning of time until now. When someone paints a picture we say: “Great job, little Leonardo.” Lovely music, Johann!  Nice photo, Ansel!

But no, we can’t seem to imagine, John … We catch a glimpse but then it slips away. If we could only grasp the dead hopes and dreams buried in the sands of Normandy And yea , I know the cause was noble, I know we helped the world be free .. the sad part is that the world needs that kind of help.  The only thing worse than winning is losing.

If we follow the spark of joseph and john back from the moment of death, the real amazing shit happens before they were born, where the atoms traveled how they became assembled.  In another universe, my dad died in Normandy, and I am not thinking or writing this right now. In this one, David lives … he steered his duck just right, zigged when he should have zigged and zagged when he should have zagged When you let your mind travel back through your own birth, words like strategy, allies, stronghold, glory, offensive,  barrage become meaningless. We save the world from ourselves .. how glorious.  only thing worse than winning is losing.

That spark shines brighter than any diamond That spark is your soul. The lights that went out one by one on the sands of Normandy

the trouble is not only did we evolve, we didn’t finish, we are not done We are are foggy headed, incased in evolution, consumed by evolution.So sure that our accomplishment of saving the world is right, we pat ourselves on the back. The only thing worse than winning is losing.

Job well done!   But wait?  Our sloshly little brains are still scheming!  We are using the world to satisfy our evolutionary cravings!  Our need for leaders, our need to lead, our need to follow, our need for sex, our need for food,  our need for greed, our need for speed, our need for strength,  our need for need.

My God! With all the needs we have it’s amazing we can even think….

No, we can’t imagine, John.


6/13/12 Jam in Nashville was totally fun and awesome.

6/13/12 Well hehe. These entries are further and further apart.  Ohhhhhhh well.  The Jam in Nashville was totally fun and awesome.  Was so much fun, and I was humbled by the talent.  Second Life has the best musicians!  This is such an exciting music scene! It is also amazing how close I feel to all the people there, like we’ve been friends forever.  My brother James and his gf Allie came up to join us in Nashville, and showed us around a bit on the first night there, Grand Ol Opry, Aquarium restaurant, and the Gaylord Hotel … wowsers!    I kicked off June with the Tam Jam at Tamra Hayden’s house in NJ.  That was fun and what a great group of performers & friends there too!  Tamra is wonderful with her violin and beautiful voice. Funky Freddy writes great songs and has a great voice, plus he can play all those guitars with their whacky tunings .. 🙂 Plus I  got to meet and hear Jean Munro – beautiful!!!! I’m sorry if i am bad with names, but i think it was Gwampa’s son who was playing bass and uke?  He was very good!Things I have in the works:  Instrumental CD – I have about 10 improvs and instrumentals soon soon.
  this was just a cover idea,  I also have my baby picture I might use that.

Also .. I started work on my new-er CD as well.  I re-recorded the vocals on Chance, Possibility, Floating, Are you the you?
I need a name for it and an album cover idea.     So I have been kinda busy with my music.

Recently I Introduced Marialaina to Second Life, and I have been inviting her to Tranquil Cafe where she has received a great welcome, and high praises for her amazing voice and her songs!

5/15/12 See what I mean that was a week ago!

See what I mean that was a week ago!  Tomorrow i leave for Nashville!  How exciting!  Aside from the fact that i get to see meetu/susan when I pick her up on the way, I get a week off from work too!  Sunday night, Chris Evermore (Turner-RL) joined me for a side-by-side show.  I programmed one of my web pages to show 2 performers side by side both broadcasting from stickam accounts.   This allows us both to hear each other and to trade songs at very high quality audio and video. We played for 2 hours to a small crowd of special guests.  We all agreed that is is a new and exciting way to experience music online. I want to have this regularly every other Sunday night. Check one out if you can – next one is on the 27th.  Special thanks to Starla/Wyn, Bree, Walter Sargent, and everyone else who helped us out with this – and especially Susan/Meetu, thanks soooo much for helping me out every day!

5/7/2012 Ok, this is my FIRST blog entry

5/7/2012 Ok, this is my FIRST blog entry. I have started so many projects and not continued that all i can say is, we’ll see. Ideally, i would like to produce 2 blogs, one for music and one for my computer work. This is the music blog. Musically, I have come a long way in a few years. Because of second life, I was able to overcome my real life performance anxiety, so although I can still get nervous, performing is no longer a nightmare … it is fun, and i look forward to every performance. Some of you may have noticed that I have been improvising more and having more fun with it, and that is directly due to the fact that I feel more comfortable.
I am soooo looking forward to the Second Life Music City Jam in Nashville. It has the added appeal of being close to both brothers who live 2 hours away. James and his lady, Allie will attend all three days. Second life has answered many of my prayers in life. One unexpected one is a music community. The first Jam I attended was in Connecticut a few years ago. Then more recently, the Baltimore Jam, unfortunately canceled this year. What a wonderful time! I could hardly believe it. Meeting so many SL Performers and friends i had only known as avatars, meeting them, jamming, and having a great time. I was high for many weeks afterwards. This sense of community is something i treasure. One thing before second life that i used to feel was isolation, where are other songwriters and performers? where are people to collaborate with? where do i find them? Where are my peers? Although I joined songwriter groups, and found many good friends, I find that SL provides all of that everyday. The people are amazing .. not once have i thought of it as a game, not once have i thought of the people as avatars. this is not to say that in SL, or even real life, you wont fall in with the wrong crowd, hehe, but musically it is more than a dream come true. The music scene in second Life is amazing.

UNRESOLVED!! I am been having a blast dual streaming with Edward Lowell (mandolin, flute, vocals) and Dan Dan the Dorito Man (bass, vocals). I have met them in RL, and when i move to cleveland, i hope Unresolved (our name) will get many live gigs. I look forward to the shows on Thursday nights with Amy Tupakkaka at For the Love of Music! Some of those have stretched into 2 hour shows, with all of us having a blast! Here is a link to our Woodstock Set , that was at woodstock, but that’s the idea!

Headphones? Consider using ipod – type earbuds to listen to one of my shows. I think it will open a new dimension, since the quality of the streamed music is very high, if you use earbuds or headphones, you will hear it like i do.

I have recently created music for Ryno Hills, 3D sketchup arttist here is a link.

Well this is my first installment hopefully more to follow!