How can I tip you?

Although my main pleasure in music comes from people who listen and enjoy my music, if I were playing on the street, there would be a tip jar or open guitar case there making it easy to drop a few coins or a dollar bill to show your appreciation.  Tipping online is more difficult, but once you know how, it is very easy.  Many people have PayPal, and most everyone has a credit card.

  1. Unfortunately posting an email address as text on a webpage is not a good practice, but to make it easier click here: – PayPal account is required. You may sign up for free with that link.
  2. Although large tips are certainly appreciated, small ones are too.  PayPal does not charge for donations, so go ahead and pay me a quarter!
  3. Click my Tip MIC button anywhere on this site.  It will allow you to donate to my business paypal.

Thanks! hope you continue to enjoy and share my music, tip or no tip!!

No Paypal? the link below allows you to pay with credit or debit card.