Metal minds like javelins tossed into the sky
Will always land in pools of doubt
And send icy cracks under your feet.

Make it up and do it
For all, as good as any philosophy
It is what we do.
Fear and jealousy abound, soft friendly eyes blink innocently
Anger rages, uncontrolled

I’ll go with you , glad to have you
Glad to love you, you explain to me without a word

I’ll lie with you, and hope the truth finds us
And that double meanings become one.
As true as this morning’s sun
As empty as this evening’s night
As cold as the last rock in the universe

Swirling thoughts like jumbled jigsaws
Pump without a handle
Night without a candle
Can we stop ourselves from crying?
Can we stop our tears from drying uselessly before they hit the ground?
Sprouting sad love
Growing vines like fine wines,
Of which we drink until we cannot think

I am a true believer.
I believe in everything
I believe in nothing.

Beautiful Nothing

It’s a beautiful nothing
Doesn’t make a splash
Happens in an instant
Gone in a flash
Nothing you remember
Has ever been so real
Nothing you’ve forgotten
Could have such appeal
A moment of beauty
When everything is right
A second of looseness
When everything is tight
You needn’t worry where it is
You needn’t wonder why
Just adjust your antenna
So it doesn’t pass you by

Reverence for Life

Reverence for Life
To continue on with the theme of humans being incredibly smart and incredibly stupid at the same time, two ideas come to mind.  One is the “food chain” idea where we know, and almost everyone knows that every form of life on earth depends upon other forms of life to live.  It seems that this is not too difficult a concept to grasp.   However as I ponder this concept, and think about society and customs, that simple truth seems to get lost.   We are here because we eat other forms of life.  And yet, to feed our delusion of grandeur, we do our best to shield our delicate psyches  from that simple undeniable fact.

“Ethics is nothing other than Reverence for Life. Reverence for Life affords me my fundamental principle of morality, namely, that good consists in maintaining, assisting and enhancing life, and to destroy, to harm or to hinder life is evil.”

—Albert Schweitzer
I am disturbingly aware of all of the death and suffering involved in bringing us to this current moment, but it appears that that fact may be eluding the average person.   Our dissociation and delusion that we are somehow above all the riffraff and  superior in all ways, causes us to virtually ignore the concept of reverence for life.  Our society is based upon abundance and waste. Think about grocery stores.  “In 2010, U.S. supermarkets and grocery stores threw out 43 billion pounds, or $46.7 billion worth, of food, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).”   Try to imagine what happens to all that prepared food or slightly overly ripe produce that no longer sells, because we are presented with such abundance.  Can you imagine how long it will take to change this custom of insisting that we be presented with unimaginable choices whilst shopping so that we can exercise our superior ability to discern which products to leave to rot while we smartly “pluck” only the ones at the pinnacle of “freshness”?  Just ponder it a while, and let it sink in.   This is just one example of how we shield ourselves from the truth.
“Standing, as all living beings are, before this dilemma of the will to live, a person is constantly forced to preserve his own life and life in general only at the cost of other life. If he has been touched by the ethic of reverence for life, he injures and destroys life only under a necessity he cannot avoid, and never from thoughtlessness.”
—Albert Schweitzer
The second concept that we may be aware of is “symbiosis”.  this is defined in wikipedia as a “close and often long-term interaction between two different biological species”.   An idea of how to illustrate this is our discovery of bacteria.  We become sick because of bacteria.  The simple ignorant knee-jerk reaction to that truth is to therefore assume that all bacteria is bad.  In fact, only a small fraction of bacteria is bad or harmful.   Life as we know it depends upon bacteria.  It is on our skin and in our stomachs and intestines. Hand sanitizers that kill 99% of all bacteria and over-use of antibiotics gives rise to “superbugs” or bacteria that is resistant, leaving us with no cure for certain infections.   
So again , ponder these two concepts.  Food chain, and symbiosis.  Hopefully, it will lead to a glimmer of understanding that we are here only by the grace of everything under us and that being above only means that we depend upon more to exist.
The concept of striving ahead and pushing forward of 7 billion humans on this planet, most without reverence or regard for the simple truths and concepts that brought us here, is proof of the fact that we are still un-evolved and ignorant.   We cannot go back and re-evolve, so we are currently stuck with our limited half evolved brains.  We must use logic to overcome our desire for survival at the expense of nature.  It is exactly like sawing off the branch that we are sitting on.

4/25/2013 last entry of old blog – new entries to come!

hahahah hah ha ha ha ha hah ha ha h ah ha h hahahhh ahh hah ha h ahha haha   Three months noooo entriess !!! soooooooooooooo i must have been abducted by aliens Hey .  I am STILL high from the wonderful Mid atlantic Jam in ROCKVILLE! SL has the most amazing people in the universe!   Thanks Jeanni, justonemoreloon, ok I suck at names…. The woman up there next to gwampa , gwampa, rusty cleanslate, and anyone and everyone who helped put this together .. it was wonderful.   Here is a link of thejam and  random pairings. Rock Doghouse and I  practiced all of three minutes for our “Tequila Sunrise” dedicated to edward lowell 🙂 It came out good, but you can’t hear my awesome harmonies on the video :-(.

Also,. I fandalized the video i did with Bernard Lee, and we got some flames, and about 600 hits in the 1st 5 days – cool!  Here’s the link -> Bernard and I are shooting for an hour at Tranquil soon .. maybe by the summer. Check out all my fandalism music. I got 2 duets with Jeanni Hall on there too!

I am still trying to find a good match for online performance. is promising, so stay tuned for updates on that.


Monday 1/28/2013

oooooh I been badd 🙂  Happy New Year!  I am a TV supahstahhhhh!  Click that link to see me on!! I was featured for an hour! Lets see, now for  SL NEWS – Is it me or are more people coming to my shows?  Well let me just say that without music I am lost. I write songs and  I love to  play when i can whether i am good enough for you or not. I am learning more and more every day. When I get a good turnout at a show, i feel good inside, but i know it may not last, and i simply try to have fun and give each song (mine or a cover) the immediate attention it deserves.  I love it when shows like AMY Night continue to grow, and my friends show up and turn it into something really special.  If you have come to my show and you feel unappreciated, believe me, you are treasured. The experience of playing in SL cannot be duplicated in real life.  People can have fun and talk at the same time, and still be able to listen carefully to each song and give feedback while the song is playing.

Amy Night has moved!!  Although For the Love of Music has closed its doors, Amy Night continues on Thursdays 6PM PST as a joint venture of Streaming Falls and Amy Tupakkaka.  It really is a special night so please try to make a show and see what i mean. This is also a good chance to hear me play with my band, Unresolved, Edward Lowell and Dan Dan the Dorito Man

Having said that, please see my calendar and pick any (or all) shows to attend.  Each one is special in its own way you may choose to request songs (i Love requests) or just listen.  Tranquil Cafe i play Wednesdays and alternating Sundays, and this is where i started, and Brianna Beresford, the owner, started me out in SL Music and showed me the ropes.  Thank you, Bri has been one of the most wonderful things in my life!

Come to Guthries 9AM PST every Sunday to hear me play acoustic and unplugged folk songs and originals.  Dottie is so dedicated  and steadily believes in her venue and performers. She has created one of the most popular venues in second life.  It is one place where the venue alone has a following because of the consistently high quality of the music and hospitality.

NEW VENUE FOR ME! Monday nights 7PM PST END OF TIME MUSIC ON EOTIA – Tosh Thor  Please help me kick this new show off and show them we have a great time!

Unforgettable, Tuesday nights at  4PM, has a theme where the performers will do at least 2 songs by artists who had passed on.  This is a great venue and Charney Islay does a wonderful job . Unforgettable live music venue is dedicated to keeping the songs & memories alive of all our music legends that has passed on.

Endeavour Cove, Saturday 4PM – Epona Doowangle, host.  I am here every saturday and we have a great time It is a great way to start off your Saturday night in SL.

Kitten Kreations -Hu Karas, Astrid Lednev, and Bomb-Snoo-Karas   I have literally been here almost every week for over 4 years, this is one of my favorite places to play and another example of great belief in SL Music and dedication to the venue.  They have themed events, make clothes and are the creators of the FAMOUS MrMulti Thong!   They have 2-3 hours of music every week, and i am  followed immediately by a true SL Treasure,  Truelie Telling, whom i had the pleasure of meeting at the Nashville Jam

I have also agreed to do a Monthly Show on Friday nights starting this Friday for Red’s Rezz Day- Stay tuned for details.

Thanks to you all for giving me a chance to share my music with you.

FRI 10/26/201

FRI 10/26/2012 31 Days since my last blog!  hmmm The wedding in Maryland was wonderful!  Congratulations to Jason and Danielle Anderson, and it was great meeting everyone, especially Cathy from Second Life!  Seems like they liked me so i am happy.  The whole weekend went off without a hitch.  The weather was perfect, although at rehearsal it was windy and cold .. so i was worried.    I played at the ceremony and the reception, had to break down and re-set up over at a nearby pavilion – yes it was outdoors.   Gigs Inworld are doing well, especially my endeavors with “UNRESOLVED” my online band featuring me, Edward Lowell – master of flute and Mando, and Dan Dan the Dorito Man on bass.  The shows at Amy’s place are becoming more and more fun.  I started a new place “Unforgettable” which features at least 2 songs of an artist who has passed on at each show.


the wedding at Susquehannah State Park

9/25/2012 Tuesday

Wowsers – more than a month!  Well, I had 2 Gigs recently.  The 22nd was “Folk Groovin Cafe” hosted and founded by Jim Frazzita, a local singer/songwriter who is truly a treasure to Long Island, and the Huntington/Dix hills area.  I was a featured performer, and I got a chance to try out my brand new QSC K10’s.  These speakers are so powerful and clear, that my system is now complete.  I feel like I can take on any loud bar, outdoor area, or inside open area.  I got a chance to do my three new songs, and in general I had a great feeling about the whole weekend.  It was nice to get out performing again.  Thanks to everyone who showed up!  Sunday morning I drove up to Rhode Island with my son, Derek for the Second Life New England Jam, where luckily enough I was able to play my set upon arrival!    Thanks Derek for hanging with me this weekend!

August was great fun.We attended the West Sayville Seafood Festival .. yum! Then at the end of August, we went to the Renaissance Festival in Tuxedo Park, followed by my new granddaughter, JeanaMarie’ Yvette’s baby shower.  She was not quite cooked at that time but was born a little early 9/8/12 @ 6:25pm .  I went up to see her last weekend, and she is beautiful!

Mic and Daughter Sara at the Seafood Festival


Rhode Island Jam

TUESDAY 8/7/2012

Wow!  What a day Sunday was!  One day a few months back I was listening to my trial subscription to SiriusXM and heard a wonderful song.  I wrote it down, determined to learn it and cover it in my shows.  The song was “I don’t wanna fall in love” by Ken Yates. Since then I found his listing on Reverb Nation, and became a fan.   Soon after that, he fanned me back and joined my mailing list.    Then I saw that he was on an “East Coast Tour” , and that he would be in NY on 8/5.  I asked my son Derek and my daughter Sara if they wanted to go, and we went on Sunday.    It was in a small venue in the East Village called Rockland Music Hall.  We hopped the train from Babylon, at 5:00 and we were there by 6:30.  Stage #1 was an intimate little room, and when we got there

6:00pm Dheepa Chari
7:00pm Rock Ridge Presents: Jared Finck, Ken Yates, Sarah Miles
9:00pm The Sweater Set

Deepa Chari just started and was singing jazz standards and originals with her band.  Piano, Violin, Bass and Drums  – it was wonderful. Next up was Sarah Miles.

Sarah Miles

We really liked her, and we realized that this was gonna be a good night.   Of course drinks on an empty stomach made us a little dizzzzzzzy.

Then I saw Ken Yates, and talked with him a while.  My daughter Sara took our picture. Last up was Jared Finck. we had a great time!

Sunday 7/1/2012 -(older blog)

Yesterday I played Endeavour Cove, Kitten creations, and the Jungle Bar – Duets with Annan Dreamscape.  I love doing duets with Annan, and we reaffirmed our commitment to learning more songs and continuing to perform together, so if you get a chance come and hear us.! Guthries Folk Club this morning – well at noon for me 9AM Second Life time.  I had the bright idea of doing all originals unplugged.  I think it went well. I figured I should take advantage of the larger audience to allow more people to hear the originals.  I added up all the originals I have on my spreadsheet, and i have 4.4 hours of original songs.  And many of them are not recorded, so I have resolved to release 2 cd’s.  One of all instrumental songs, and another with as yet unrecorded originals.  I have Tranquil Cafe tonight.  Maybe i will also do not sure…

6/28/2012 –

wowsers where has the month gone??? Welll last night I played at Tranquil Cafe and . is an Open Mic site.  What a cool concept this is.  People from anywhere in the world with a webcam can log in and show their musical talent.   Last year i helped  get started by logging in most every night of August.  One  problem i had with the site, is that there was only a “music channel” among the other channels.  Well there is such a wide variety of musical styles, that younger kids would log in – or anyone who wanted to sing, with or without accompaniment, and begin “hatin” on the more experienced musicians, and give them thumbs down, just so they could get on quicker.    In a brilliant move, younow decided to make a musicians channel, that only allows more professional performers to play, but anyone can watch. I played on that channel last night and i was very pleased with the quality of the audience.  Good work, YouNow!  I still believe the other open mic  site, ( which closed earlier this year, was the best web programming i have seen.  Everything was perfect, but i guess it didnt create enough buzz on its own.   I feel guilty for not logging in more.  Even when i did, I received tips , and that is something  has to work on, because that will help decide if a musician will keep coming back.  They do give little level related rewards to encourage you to like them on facebook, share your music, bring other viewers or performers in.  (UPDATE 12/2014 – has changed its format and seems to be VERY popular.  At one point I was viewed by 5000 live viewers, and i almost got a chance to be on the MTV Video Music Awards.  I signed a release and rehearsed, and logged on to perform a maroon 5 cover, but it didn’t work out because of technical problems .  Of course, sometimes when i log on , I get kids saying , “you’re too old”, and others saying “shut up he’s good” haha .  they changed their format to #hashtags as performance rooms, and a seemingly unlimited number of rooms so that you don’t have to compete for time.  Big improvements!)