6/21/2012 What I can’t imagine is

6/21/2012 What I can’t imagine is how horrible it must be to be involved as a victim of a suicide bombing.  That this event was planned and organized by people who feel that they are doing the right thing is inconceivable and shameful to me.  How that can be considered a reasonable act shames me as a human.  I want to devolve if that’s the direction we are headed.  I want to become a lesser creature, because this is not acceptable.  We need to wonder how and why we can protect ourselves from feeling that shame. We need to re-examine the part of us that won’t accept responsibility for being creatures who can continue with our lives as if nothing happened after daily events like those explosions.  If you were anywhere near that event as it occurred, it would overshadow any other event in your life ..guaranteed.Ok, there I got it off my chest .. for now.  My SL gigs have been going well.  The Woodstock Gig was fun!  SL is so cool, you can become a hippie again, without any of the health and legal problems .. hehe.  The 60/70’s Theme is fun.    Also after InwoldZ, Marina Bay, Tranquil Cafe and Stargazer’s , I really felt like I had sung my heart out :-). And Meetu was busy with work, so I had none of her wonderful  help with the first 2 shows.   I want to personally thank Hepsulph for being one of my most helpful interactive listeners.  When he is in the audience, I feel him listening intently, and appreciating and being honest when something is just ok Thanks Hep! Oh and since i am thanking listeners, thanks to EVERYONE who comes to listen and especially Starla Farella  for being there, listening, dancing, and participating.  I can’t and don’t want to imagine what it would be like without you! Thanks!

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