6/28/2012 –

wowsers where has the month gone??? Welll last night I played at Tranquil Cafe and www.Younow.com . www.Younow.com is an Open Mic site.  What a cool concept this is.  People from anywhere in the world with a webcam can log in and show their musical talent.   Last year i helped www.younow.com  get started by logging in most every night of August.  One  problem i had with the site, is that there was only a “music channel” among the other channels.  Well there is such a wide variety of musical styles, that younger kids would log in – or anyone who wanted to sing, with or without accompaniment, and begin “hatin” on the more experienced musicians, and give them thumbs down, just so they could get on quicker.    In a brilliant move, younow decided to make a musicians channel, that only allows more professional performers to play, but anyone can watch. I played on that channel last night and i was very pleased with the quality of the audience.  Good work, YouNow!  I still believe the other open mic  site, (thestage.tv) which closed earlier this year, was the best web programming i have seen.  Everything was perfect, but i guess it didnt create enough buzz on its own.   I feel guilty for not logging in more.  Even when i did, I received tips , and that is something www.younow.com  has to work on, because that will help decide if a musician will keep coming back.  They do give little level related rewards to encourage you to like them on facebook, share your music, bring other viewers or performers in.  (UPDATE 12/2014 – younow.com has changed its format and seems to be VERY popular.  At one point I was viewed by 5000 live viewers, and i almost got a chance to be on the MTV Video Music Awards.  I signed a release and rehearsed, and logged on to perform a maroon 5 cover, but it didn’t work out because of technical problems .  Of course, sometimes when i log on , I get kids saying , “you’re too old”, and others saying “shut up he’s good” haha .  they changed their format to #hashtags as performance rooms, and a seemingly unlimited number of rooms so that you don’t have to compete for time.  Big improvements!)  

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