6/13/12 Jam in Nashville was totally fun and awesome.

6/13/12 Well hehe. These entries are further and further apart.  Ohhhhhhh well.  The Jam in Nashville was totally fun and awesome.  Was so much fun, and I was humbled by the talent.  Second Life has the best musicians!  This is such an exciting music scene! It is also amazing how close I feel to all the people there, like we’ve been friends forever.  My brother James and his gf Allie came up to join us in Nashville, and showed us around a bit on the first night there, Grand Ol Opry, Aquarium restaurant, and the Gaylord Hotel … wowsers!    I kicked off June with the Tam Jam at Tamra Hayden’s house in NJ.  That was fun and what a great group of performers & friends there too!  Tamra is wonderful with her violin and beautiful voice. Funky Freddy writes great songs and has a great voice, plus he can play all those guitars with their whacky tunings .. 🙂 Plus I  got to meet and hear Jean Munro – beautiful!!!! I’m sorry if i am bad with names, but i think it was Gwampa’s son who was playing bass and uke?  He was very good!Things I have in the works:  Instrumental CD – I have about 10 improvs and instrumentals soon soon.
  this was just a cover idea,  I also have my baby picture I might use that.

Also .. I started work on my new-er CD as well.  I re-recorded the vocals on Chance, Possibility, Floating, Are you the you?
I need a name for it and an album cover idea.     So I have been kinda busy with my music.

Recently I Introduced Marialaina to Second Life, and I have been inviting her to Tranquil Cafe where she has received a great welcome, and high praises for her amazing voice and her songs!

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