5/15/12 See what I mean that was a week ago!

See what I mean that was a week ago!  Tomorrow i leave for Nashville!  How exciting!  Aside from the fact that i get to see meetu/susan when I pick her up on the way, I get a week off from work too!  Sunday night, Chris Evermore (Turner-RL) joined me for a side-by-side show.  I programmed one of my web pages to show 2 performers side by side both broadcasting from stickam accounts.   This allows us both to hear each other and to trade songs at very high quality audio and video. We played for 2 hours to a small crowd of special guests.  We all agreed that is is a new and exciting way to experience music online. I want to have this regularly every other Sunday night. Check one out if you can – next one is on the 27th.  Special thanks to Starla/Wyn, Bree, Walter Sargent, and everyone else who helped us out with this – and especially Susan/Meetu, thanks soooo much for helping me out every day!


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  1. unfortunately stickam is no more . SO far it was the only streaming site that allowed the audience to stream back audio and video in a lower bandwidth. I was looking at livestream, ustream, and vaughn live for possible replacements.

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