TUESDAY 8/7/2012

Wow!  What a day Sunday was!  One day a few months back I was listening to my trial subscription to SiriusXM and heard a wonderful song.  I wrote it down, determined to learn it and cover it in my shows.  The song was “I don’t wanna fall in love” by Ken Yates. Since then I found his listing on Reverb Nation, and became a fan.   Soon after that, he fanned me back and joined my mailing list.    Then I saw that he was on an “East Coast Tour” , and that he would be in NY on 8/5.  I asked my son Derek and my daughter Sara if they wanted to go, and we went on Sunday.    It was in a small venue in the East Village called Rockland Music Hall.  We hopped the train from Babylon, at 5:00 and we were there by 6:30.  Stage #1 was an intimate little room, and when we got there

6:00pm Dheepa Chari
7:00pm Rock Ridge Presents: Jared Finck, Ken Yates, Sarah Miles
9:00pm The Sweater Set

Deepa Chari just started and was singing jazz standards and originals with her band.  Piano, Violin, Bass and Drums  – it was wonderful. Next up was Sarah Miles.

Sarah Miles

We really liked her, and we realized that this was gonna be a good night.   Of course drinks on an empty stomach made us a little dizzzzzzzy.

Then I saw Ken Yates, and talked with him a while.  My daughter Sara took our picture. Last up was Jared Finck. we had a great time!

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