4/25/2013 last entry of old blog – new entries to come!

hahahah hah ha ha ha ha hah ha ha h ah ha h hahahhh ahh hah ha h ahha haha   Three months noooo entriess !!! soooooooooooooo i must have been abducted by aliens Hey .  I am STILL high from the wonderful Mid atlantic Jam in ROCKVILLE! SL has the most amazing people in the universe!   Thanks Jeanni, justonemoreloon, ok I suck at names…. The woman up there next to gwampa , gwampa, rusty cleanslate, and anyone and everyone who helped put this together .. it was wonderful.   Here is a link of thejam and  random pairings. Rock Doghouse and I  practiced all of three minutes for our “Tequila Sunrise” dedicated to edward lowell 🙂 http://new.livestream.com/gwampa/jam. It came out good, but you can’t hear my awesome harmonies on the video :-(.

Also,. I fandalized the video i did with Bernard Lee, and we got some flames, and about 600 hits in the 1st 5 days – cool!  Here’s the link -> http://fandalism.com/mrmulti/b2nF Bernard and I are shooting for an hour at Tranquil soon .. maybe by the summer. Check out all my fandalism music. I got 2 duets with Jeanni Hall on there too!

I am still trying to find a good match for online performance.  www.Streetjelly.com is promising, so stay tuned for updates on that.


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