Monday 1/28/2013

oooooh I been badd 🙂  Happy New Year!  I am a TV supahstahhhhh!  Click that link to see me on!! I was featured for an hour! Lets see, now for  SL NEWS – Is it me or are more people coming to my shows?  Well let me just say that without music I am lost. I write songs and  I love to  play when i can whether i am good enough for you or not. I am learning more and more every day. When I get a good turnout at a show, i feel good inside, but i know it may not last, and i simply try to have fun and give each song (mine or a cover) the immediate attention it deserves.  I love it when shows like AMY Night continue to grow, and my friends show up and turn it into something really special.  If you have come to my show and you feel unappreciated, believe me, you are treasured. The experience of playing in SL cannot be duplicated in real life.  People can have fun and talk at the same time, and still be able to listen carefully to each song and give feedback while the song is playing.

Amy Night has moved!!  Although For the Love of Music has closed its doors, Amy Night continues on Thursdays 6PM PST as a joint venture of Streaming Falls and Amy Tupakkaka.  It really is a special night so please try to make a show and see what i mean. This is also a good chance to hear me play with my band, Unresolved, Edward Lowell and Dan Dan the Dorito Man

Having said that, please see my calendar and pick any (or all) shows to attend.  Each one is special in its own way you may choose to request songs (i Love requests) or just listen.  Tranquil Cafe i play Wednesdays and alternating Sundays, and this is where i started, and Brianna Beresford, the owner, started me out in SL Music and showed me the ropes.  Thank you, Bri has been one of the most wonderful things in my life!

Come to Guthries 9AM PST every Sunday to hear me play acoustic and unplugged folk songs and originals.  Dottie is so dedicated  and steadily believes in her venue and performers. She has created one of the most popular venues in second life.  It is one place where the venue alone has a following because of the consistently high quality of the music and hospitality.

NEW VENUE FOR ME! Monday nights 7PM PST END OF TIME MUSIC ON EOTIA – Tosh Thor  Please help me kick this new show off and show them we have a great time!

Unforgettable, Tuesday nights at  4PM, has a theme where the performers will do at least 2 songs by artists who had passed on.  This is a great venue and Charney Islay does a wonderful job . Unforgettable live music venue is dedicated to keeping the songs & memories alive of all our music legends that has passed on.

Endeavour Cove, Saturday 4PM – Epona Doowangle, host.  I am here every saturday and we have a great time It is a great way to start off your Saturday night in SL.

Kitten Kreations -Hu Karas, Astrid Lednev, and Bomb-Snoo-Karas   I have literally been here almost every week for over 4 years, this is one of my favorite places to play and another example of great belief in SL Music and dedication to the venue.  They have themed events, make clothes and are the creators of the FAMOUS MrMulti Thong!   They have 2-3 hours of music every week, and i am  followed immediately by a true SL Treasure,  Truelie Telling, whom i had the pleasure of meeting at the Nashville Jam

I have also agreed to do a Monthly Show on Friday nights starting this Friday for Red’s Rezz Day- Stay tuned for details.

Thanks to you all for giving me a chance to share my music with you.

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